China has built the world’s first LNG “smart ships” to be used to service drilling rigs

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They run on LNG, i.e. liquefied natural gas, have four “smart” systems on board, and the first two such vessels – Offshore Oil 542 and Offshore Oil 547 – have already been delivered to Nantong (Jiangsu Province). In general, they plan to build 12.

China LNG Smart Ships
China worlds first smart ships on LNG, which will be used to service drilling rigs

The so-called smart navigation system is similar to the automatic control function: in fog or at night. It is able to analyze the collected data and information and provide optimal navigation proposals to control the ship and avoid collisions. In addition, for more economical operation of the vessel, this system combines data from its navigation, hydrology and meteorology. The developers believe that the efficiency of the vessel will increase by 15%, and operating costs will decrease by 10%.


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