Coldplay’s Chris Martin says, “We will stop at the 12th album”

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Chris Martin, the frontman of the band Coldplay, while presenting the ninth album, said that the band would stop at the dozen. “But on tour, we want to go up to 70 years like the Stones,” he said.

Chris Martin plans to disband after they release the twelfth album. The band’s ninth studio album, ‘Music of the Spheres’, was released on Friday, 15 October. The musician said 12 albums would be the culmination of Coldplay. “I think in a few albums, we will finish making albums,” he said in an interview on Absolute Radio.

“It’s not a joke, it’s true, I think our catalogue will end at 12 albums, but I think we will always want to play live together. So, I think like the Stones do, it will be great if we can still go on tour at seventy. It will be wonderful if anyone wants to come. “

Coldplay also talked during the interview about their concert in London, which was held to celebrate the new album, on Tuesday 12 October in front of just 2,000 fans. On the album, there is also the collaboration with the Korean superstars of Bts in the track ‘My Universe’. Chris said it was a pleasure to work with the group: “It was a real joy to do that song with them, from start to finish. It was such a weird idea, and it was so wrong on paper in a way, but it allowed us to bring out our inner boyband and them to bring out their inner old band and team up in a middle-aged band.” he joked.

Chris also admitted in the interview that he is not yet up to date with the new South Korean series ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix, which has received rave reviews. He said he’s worried the show might be a little too scary for him. “I’m good at thrillers but less good at horror,” he said. “Horror is weird to me. There are some movies that I can handle without problems and then others like ‘It’ etc. that I can’t handle.”


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