D Company is like Mahabharat says Ram Gopal Varma

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Ram Gopal Varma has released the trailer of his upcoming film D Company, which is a precursor to an eight part web series. The movie is based on a true story of  Dawood Ibrahim and his infamous ‘D Company’. RGV says D Company is like Mahabharat, meaning it is ‘about a lot of characters’.

“Mahabharat is about a lot of characters, it is not just about Kauravas, about Pandavas, not just about Krishna …  “So D company, what I’m making not a biopic about Dawood Ibrahim. though he is the a principal constituent … but it’s about the various people who lived and died under its shadow, under its brand, under the umbrella of support, as enemies of D company,” he said in a youtube video.

RGV also touched upon the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) of Mumbai Crime Branch. “And at that time they created a unit called the CIU, which had some officers, who were given this special task of dealing with them in a way, probably similar to them … becoming impossible to convict them and impossible to bring them to book,” he said.

Speaking about his insights into the D Company, RGV said “and then a couple of years later, I met this one person called, Hanif  Kadawala, who knew Dawood Ibrahim in very early stages … and a chance conversation with him gave me the fundamental idea of the company … a few months later he told me about some things about the underworld, uh, about the company .. he was shot to death in Bandra…. my interest in D Gang kept on growing … of cource I know a lot of cops, I sit with them talking about it.. and a lots of middle men …and then luckly what happened was, uh, roughly a couple of years back, I by chance, I got introduced to someone who was a very, very old man. Maybe he must be nearing 80 now. And he saw the rise of the Dawood gang in Dongri in 1979 – 80 when it first started. And, though I knew a lot about the underworld, his understanding, his knowledge of it, and knowledge is not about knowing, uh, some things or some incidents or knowing something about it … he had wisdom on it.. and I thought it was fascinating what he told me because of the intricacies of only a man who was there, who actually seen it. And he knew Dawood Ibrahim’s father on a personal level. He saw therise of Dawood Ibrahim … him, one of the main contributors of what I’m trying to do right now. And apart from him, there are people who probably worked, who are in jail, who came out and probably left the company and are doing other businesses, they feel more comfortable in talking now because they’re not in the midst of it.”

Tweeting about the D Company Movie, RGV tweeted, “D COMPANY is going to be the MOTHER of all GANGSTER films because it will tell the story of the FATHER of GANGSTERISM whose name is DAWOOD IBRAHIM.”

The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.  


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