Dua Lipa and Emma Raducanu promote Evian Natural Mineral Water

Ahead of this summer's Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the US Open, Evian Natural Mineral Water, for the first time, brought together Dua Lipa and Emma La Ducanu ( Emma Raducanu ) to promote a new ad campaign.

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The latest advertising campaign from Evian Natural Mineral Water, which includes international music artist Dua Lipa and fellow tennis player and current US Open winner Emma Raducanu, promotes the idea of daring to be honest and true to yourself.

Dua Lipa and Emma Raducanu promote Evian
Dua Lipa and Emma Raducanu promote Evian

The event is held on a brilliant Evian pink tennis court, with a mountain backdrop and snowy landscape inspired by the company’s iconic Alpine emblem.

The popular song “Physical” by Dua Lipa is playing in the backdrop of a different scene in the video, and Dua Lipa invites Emma to do the dance from the hit song “Performance.” The two Britons danced side by side.


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