Dubai inaugurates Ain Dubai, the tallest observation wheel in the world, 250 meters

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The tallest observation wheel in the world, the “Ain Dubai” (‘Dubai eye’, in Arabic), about 250 meters high, was inaugurated this Thursday by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Dubai Media office celebrated on its Twitter account the opening of this attraction, which has taken two years, and which today has become “the largest and tallest observation wheel in the world”.

“Another global iconic landmark was added today to Dubai’s impressive list of record-breaking attractions. Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, which stands at a height of 250m, is part of an ambitious project that seeks to reinforce Dubai’s status as a major tourism hub,” wrote Ahmed Bin Mohhamed the Chairman of the Dubai Media Council.

Ferris wheel, the 167.6-metre (550 ft) High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada, which opened to the public in March 2014 was dethroned by Ain Dubai with the inauguration. The better known London Eye is just 135 m.

The first Ferris wheel was constructed in 1893 by George W. Ferris for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The wheel stood at an imposing 80.4 meters and was intended to rival  Eiffel Tower.

Other known Ferris wheels include Tianjin Eye (120 meters),  Melbourne Star (120 meters),  Suzhou Ferris Wheel (120 meters),  The Wheel at ICON Park in Orlando (122 meters),  Redhorse Osaka wheel in Osaka (123 meters),  Sky Dream in Taichung city in Taiwan (126 meters),  Star Of Nanchang – Jiangxi (160 meters) and  Singapore Flyer at Downtown Core (165 meters).


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