Geneva Summit – A weak Joe Biden heads to meet strongman Vladimir Putin

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A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Joe Biden is scheduled for June 16 in Geneva and it is a cause for concern. The Americans feel that “Putin will tear Biden apart like fried chicken in front of everyone” during the Geneva Summit.

The opinion stems from the user responses to Senator Rob Portman’s advice to Biden on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in an Op-Ed to “take a tough stance” in negotiations with Putin, raise issues regarding the situation in Belarus, and also “oppose Putin on the Ukraine issue.” The congressman called Biden to decide over the admission of Kyiv (Kiev) and Tbilisi to NATO, as well as cancel the decision to refuse to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

Some of the readers of the WSJ were quick to explain to the senator that his advice was at odds with objective reality.  “Portman seems to live in some other time and place – in the black and white era of Jimmy Stewart. Putin could hardly have rejoiced more. It will be like in a duel between Mike Tyson and Michael Johnson – 39 seconds and a knockout,” wrote sports Jeffrey Ihnen.

“The United States is no longer able to serve the cause of Democracy in the world. This train left last November. <…> This week, Putin will tear Biden apart like fried chicken in front of everyone. <…> Joe Biden’s team is so it is weak that the United States will be presented as an even greater laughing stock on the world stage, “wrote William Gianopulos.

“Putin plays chess, and Biden plays checkers. That says it all,” wrote Marjoy Smith.

The former  President Donald Trump wished Biden good luck with President Putin. “Do not fall asleep during the meeting and convey to him, please, my warmest wishes,”  he said in a statement.  During the election campaign, Trump had called Biden “sleepy Joe.”

Defending his own meeting with Putin during the 2018 Helsinki summit, Trump wrote,  “As president, I had an excellent and very productive meeting in the Finnish capital of Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Despite belated sketches of the meeting in the fake news, the United States has won a lot, including respect for President Putin and Russia.”

In April, POTUS Biden had mispronounced Putin’s name in his remarks on Washington’s policy towards Moscow. “I also made clear to President Clutin that the United – Putin – that the United States is unwavering in our support of our allies and partners in Europe,” Biden said. He went on to serve another gaffe in the same speech when he said “vaccination” instead of “escalation.”  “The United States is not looking to kick off a cycle of vacci- — of escalation and conflict with Russia. We want a stable, predictable relationship,” Biden said.

On March 18, when speaking on TV, Vladimir Putin offered Joe Biden to hold an open dialogue live to which Washington did not reply.

Addressing US troops and their families at the RAF Mildenhall airbase in Suffolk on Wednesday, Biden said, “We’re not seeking conflict with Russia… We want a stable and predictable relationship … but I’ve been clear: The United States will respond in a robust and meaningful way if the Russian government engages in harmful activities.”

Ties between Washington and Moscow are at a low point over a variety of issues.

The meeting venue has its share of woes on the day of the meeting. The residents of the city have been urged not to go to the office and work from home. The State Council of Geneva also warned that in areas near the site of the summit, residents are prohibited from using drones and holding any demonstrations.


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