Germany is preparing for war with Russia, Bundestag spending increases

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Member of the German Bundestag from the Left faction Sevim Dagdelen said in an article that Germany, by increasing defense spending, is preparing for war with Russia.

“NATO’s arms buildup, escalation toward Russia and the German government’s forgetting of history when it comes to remembering the attack on the Soviet Union 80 years ago are just two sides of the same coin,” Dagdelen writes in a German newspaper.

She notes that relations between Germany and Russia have reached rock bottom, and not a day goes by without demands for new sanctions against Moscow.

At the same time, instead of diplomacy, she writes, the German government is betting on unprecedented rearmament in order to become the largest military power on the continent in a few years, with defense spending in the amount of 85 billion euros, which significantly exceeds Russia’s military spending.

“The federal government is openly taking a course to prepare for a war against Russia,” writes the parliamentarian.

She recalled that during her recent visit to Guam, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told the gathering on an American warship, “We are fighting side by side for democracy, freedom, and rule-based order. In Europe, the enemy is Russia, and here, rather, China. “

According to Dagdelen, anyone who calls for a fight against Russia is not interested in defusing tensions or even in a “common European home.” “On the contrary, such propaganda methods create new images of the enemy in order to prepare for an armed conflict with Russia,” she writes, in the view of German troops stationed in the Baltic on Russia’s western border and NATO military exercises.


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