“Have more credibility,” says Sachin Sawant as Devendra Fadnavis resorts to personal attack

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Sachin Sawant, Indian National Congress General Secretary and spokesperson Maharashtra Pradesh Congress committee (MPCC), Member- All India Congress Committee (AICC) tweeted “Respected Fadnavis Sir is a great leader. I am small in front of him. Only my credibility is much higher than that of Fandavis Sir”. He was responding to Bharatiya Janata Party ‘s Devendra Fadnavis, the current Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra. In his tweet, Fadnavis had said “No matter how many times you spit on the Sun,  the spit falls at the Spitters mouth. You are disappointed that you did not get a chance to go to the Legislative Council. Do you deserve to be elected as a corporator? Your credibility is too high? Did you fall asleep? It’s Big! Rakhi Sawant of the Congress”.

आदरणीय फडणवीस साहेब फार मोठे नेते आहेत. मी त्यांच्यापुढे छोटा आहे.
माझी विश्वासार्हता ही फडणवीस साहेबांपेक्षा कांकणभर जास्त आहे. ?— Sachin Sawant सचिन सावंत (@sachin_inc) March 27, 2021

“सुर्यावर कितीही वेळा थुंकले तरीही ती थुंकी थुंकणाऱ्याच्याच तोंडावर पडते,”
तुला विधान पारिषदेवर जायची संधी मिळत नाही म्हणून तू निराश झाला आहेस!
तुझी नगरसेवक म्हणून तरी निवडून यायची लायकी आहे का?
तुझी विश्वासार्हता कांकणभर जास्त? झोप झाली होती ना?
आला मोठा! कॉंग्रेस ची राखी सावंत— Devendra Fadnavis Fan (@Dev_Fadanvis) March 27, 2021

At a time when Devindra Fadnavis is busy attacking the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government, in which Congress is a junior member, over corruption in Police transfers and Mansukh Hiren murder case, Sachin Sawant has counter attacked and demanded that National Investigation Agency (NIA) should probe the disappearance of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) of the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office premises when Param Bir Singh was the police chief. Former Maraharashtra Police Chief Param Bir Singh was once promoted as Police Commissioner of Thane by Devendra Fadnavis, when he was the CM of Maharashtra, ignoring seniority of three other officers. The post is much sought by many IPS officers as it is the most coveted one after that of the Mumbai police commissioner and is considered to be a gateway to a treasured posting in Mumbai. The move was a u-turn as Fadnavis had earlier alleged that Param Bir Singh was responsible for the mental and physical torture of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur an accused in the 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts case. Param Bir Singh is now at odds with the MVA government over his transfer to a low-key post in the home guard department.

In a press conference, Sawant said that on March 10 the DVR was officially taken by the ATS for investigation. Later, within two hours, the CP office felt that it was a mistake to have handed it over. “The DVR was called back saying that it would be checked and returned later on the ground that visibility is poor. Someone from Parambir Singh’s office called ATS chief Jai Jeet Singh and said so. Inquiry of this will reveal the real name which is although quite clear,” he said.

“The DVR has since disappeared. Why isn’t the NIA investigating?  In this DVR, the Scorpio, Innova movement were clearly seen and also who Sachin Vaze and others were in contact with. Surprisingly, despite the disappearance of important evidence the NIA has not summoned any senior official for the last 18 days,” he added.


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