Hindu and Hindutva are different, bring Hindus to power, says Rahul Gandhi

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In Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi spoke on Hindutva and Hindutva more than inflation. Pointing out the difference between the two, Rahul appealed to the platform to remove the Hindutvawadis from power and bring back the Hindus. 

In his recent book, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid has compared Hindutva with terrorist organizations like IS and Islamic State and BJP has been attacking Congress. Since then, Rahul Gandhi has been busy separating Hindu and Hindutva. Explaining the difference, Rahul Gandhi once again on Sunday said, “Hindu is one who respects all religions, embraces all and is not afraid of anyone. Read Gita, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata, where is it written that the poor and the weak should be suppressed?”

Hindu and Hindutva don’t mean the same thing

Gandhi said, “Two souls cannot have the same soul. Similarly, two words cannot mean the same thing because each word has a different meaning. There is a collision of two words in the country’s politics today. Two different words. Their meanings are different. One word Hindu, another word Hindutva. It’s not a thing. These are two different words. And they mean completely different. I am a Hindu, but not a Hindutvawadi. He said, “Mahatma Gandhi Hindu… Godse Hindutvawadi. What’s the difference? I’ll tell you the difference. Whatever happens, the Hindu seeks the truth. Died, cut, crushed, Hindu searches for truth. His path is satyagraha. He spends his whole life searching for the truth.

Bring back Hindu rule

Congress leader said Mahatma Gandhi spent his entire life searching for the truth, and in the end, a Hindutvawadi fired three bullets at him in the chest. A Hindutvawadi spends his whole life in search of power. He just wants power and will do anything for it. … his path is not satyagraha. Rahul said, “This country is a country of Hindus, not of Hindutvawadis and today if there is inflation in this country, there is pain, then this work has been done by Hindutvawadis. 

“Hindutvawadis want power in any condition.. They have nothing to do with the truth… Since 2014, the rule of these people is the rule of Hindutvawadis and not of Hindus. And we have to throw out the Hindutvawadis and once again bring in the rule of Hindus.”


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