Honda to develop light jet for long-range flights – HondaJet 2600

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The aircraft division of the Japanese automaker Honda plans to offer a new aircraft HondaJet 2600 that can fly longer distances than any competitors. It will be the first light jet aircraft capable of non-stop transcontinental flights across the United States.

On Wednesday, Honda Aircraft revealed the concept of the new HondaJet.

According to the company, it strives to ensure that the aircraft can fly 4,862 km without landings – 1.8 times more than the current model flies. This will be the longest distance that a light jet of its class will fly.

The plane will be capable of a high speed cruise of 450 knots and a class-leading ceiling of 47,000 feet. The aircraft will also offer 3 types of modular and highly customizable cabin configurations.

The plane will have a larger fuselage, it will be able to take on board up to 11 passengers. It will also be 20% more fuel-efficient than its competitors.


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