IAI to further develop the Israeli Carmel combat vehicle

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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will continue to develop the Carmel combat vehicle for Israel after the Ministry of Defense of Israel nod for the next stage of implementation of the future platform. IAI was selected after a tough competition with Elbit Systems and Rafael.

The Israeli Defense Ministry wants the Carmel combat vehicle to change its configuration and develop according to the new challenges of modern combat, depending on the mission’s requirements. As per IDF, the vehicle should have a high degree of autonomy and a degree of automation and be equipped with artificial intelligence to allow the vehicle to be operated by two crew members.

The autonomous capabilities of the combat vehicle will be controlled by a central system that combines the various components of the platform and helps the operator process and focus on critical threats to make effective decisions.

Carmel is presented as a compact, manoeuvrable, efficient, durable, serviceable and affordable combat vehicle, in line with the new concept of the Ministry of Defense of Israel, built on the possibility of maximum autonomy in hostilities.

Eitan APC

The development of a new Eitan armoured personnel carrier, designed to replace the American M113 60-80 years of production, has already been completed for the Israeli army. The new wheeled armoured personnel carrier weighs less than 35 tons and does not require additional costs in the form of loading on tractors for transportation as the current tracked equipment. It is also cheaper than the heavy Namer combat vehicle, based on the Merkava tank.


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