Iqra Qureshi, Dongri’s 21-year-old drug queen arrested by Mumbai NCB

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21-year-old narcotics trafficker Iqra Qureshi also known as the “lady don” and “drug queen” was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Mumbai. The accused was arrested from Dongri at 3:00 AM on 9 Aril 2021 and was an alleged member of the Chinku Pathan and Eijaz Psycho gangs.

She is reported to have operated a large-scale narcotics ring using social media where she “traded drugs and hashish in black.” According to the investigator’s the accused would “set up the buy with her clients through social media” upon fixing a deal with her customers, the contraband was delivered through five-six women whom she hired as “couriers.”

Mumbai NCB had been hot on her trail for three months however the accused seemed to have foreknowledge every time the NCB team moved in to make an arrest. Upon her arrest the investigators have shed light on how the accused managed to evade capture. Investigation into her activities have brought out that Qureshi would “change phones and sim cards before every new drug deal.” This is said to have allowed her to stay off the investigating teams radar.

It has also been discovered that Dongri locals were petrified of the 21-year-old to the point that they refused to reveal anything about her whereabouts to the authorities. It has also come out that the “drug queen” would leverage her “boyfriends” as enforcers to intimidate anybody who was likely to reveal her location to law enforcement officials. 1.5 lakhs worth of illegal drugs has been recovered from the accused to the full extent of the accused’s illicit trade clientele and criminal network being inspected under a fine lens.  


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