Italian marines shooting case: Arbitral Tribunal in The Hague closes the dispute between India and Italy

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The Arbitral Tribunal of The Hague has formally ordered the closure of the dispute between Italy and India for the affair of the two Italian marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone.

The decision came after the parties agreed to close the case. Last summer, a previous decision by the court had given Italy jurisdiction over the matter.

“The closure of the proceedings by India took place in the summer; this is a practice”, Paola Moschetti, wife of Massimiliano Latorre, told Italian News Agency Adnkronos. “We also learned this, but it did not surprise us because it is only a procedural formality”, explains the marò’s wife.

Meanwhile, the Rome prosecutor’s office had opened the investigation file after the death of two fishermen off the coast of Kerala in India. “Massimiliano, together with his colleague, – recalls Moschetti – was heard at the end of July, and now we are waiting for developments.”

“We hope that the affair will also be formally closed in Italy, recognizing the innocence of my husband Salvatore and his colleague”, Vania Ardito, wife of Marina Salvatore Girone’s rifleman, told Adnkronos.

The Indian Supreme Court closed the case in June 2021.


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