Jacqueline Fernandez turns 36: Here’s why she is worth more than an actress

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Faaiza khan
Faaiza khan
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Bollywood’s own Rapunzel Jacqueline Fernandez turns 36 today. She hails from Sri Lanka and has been winning the hearts of the Indian audience since 2009 when she made her first Bollywood debut with the film ‘Aladin’ opposite Riteish Deshmukh. Jacqueline’s exotic looks and bubbly personality are indeed loved by all. But do you know Jacqueline works beyond her career as an actress? Apart from being an actress, she also runs an initiative ‘YOLO foundation’. The actress had set up the “You Only Live Once” foundation to help people during the pandemic.

The YOLO foundation is an initiative to create and share stories of kindness. Jacqueline, through this initiative, shares stories of various people who help each other during the time of difficulties. Apart from this, she also shares awareness about animal welfare and how one can contribute towards it by doing minimal things and hardly take any effort.

During the pandemic, the actress also supported many donation drives and helped many organisations by contributing to their campaigns. Mumbai Police also thanked Jacqueline Fernandez and YOLO foundation for the thoughtful gesture of providing them raincoats to help them face the unpredictable showers amid the pandemic.

Apart from this foundation, Jacqueline Fernandez, one of Bollywood’s fittest stars also runs a workout series ‘SheRox’ which is influenced by her training regime. The workout series is available on the fitness and wellness community app named TRUCONNECT by TV. FIT. Jacqueline aims to motivate as many people as possible to improve their health and wellbeing while giving them a taste of how she prepares for life on and offset. After carving a name for herself in Bollywood, the actress turned entrepreneur Jacqueline Fernandez is making strides in the world of business. The SheRox corporation was also named as one of the winners in the Times 40 under 40 list for her efforts in empowering women.

SheRox Cardio has 5 amazing full body workouts suitable for all fitness levels. Timed at just 20 minutes per workout, Jacqueline is keen to make the point that ‘SheRox’ Fitness is for everyone. At SheRox the actress shares workout videos and healthy recipes that one can opt for during workouts. It is hoped that Jacqueline’s ‘SheRox’ Fitness programme will inspire millions towards improved wellbeing across Asia and beyond.


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