Jaipur firm celebrates Money Heist Day and gives employees leave to binge-watch the show

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Ketan Barot
Ketan Barot
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A Jaipur-based private enterprise is rewarding all of the company’s ‘Money Heist’ fans. The administrators have declared a ‘Netflix and Chill holiday’ for all staff to watch the program the day it becomes available for streaming.

Verve Logic published a letter dated August 26, signed by CEO Abhishek Jain, on Twitter on Monday, claiming that they are delighted to announce an off on September 3 on the eve of the premiere of the final season of “Money Heist.”

“Please don’t call it quits on this one! “Kehdo Ye Juth Hai (Tell us this is a lie),” the firm wrote in a tweet, tagging the streaming behemoth on its official Twitter profile.

In the letter, Jain expressed his employees’ enthusiasm for the event and stated that the decision was made to avoid mass bunks later this week, according to PTI.

“We have taken this effort not just to prevent an attack on our emails with bogus leaves, see mass bunks and numbers being switched off, but also because we know that Sometimes Moments of Chill are the Best Pills for Energy At Work,” the letter stated.

“So grab your popcorn and get ready to say goodbye to our most beloved professor and the entire cast,” it stated.

The business also released a full-day streaming schedule, which runs from 10 am to 9 pm.

Netflix India’s official Twitter account responded by sharing the company’s message to its staff and calling the concept “wonderful.”

“We had prepared our ‘bank work’ explanation for our employer, but this is wonderful!” the streamer’s tweet read.

The tweet quickly went viral on social media.

A user tagged her firm and asked, “Are you listening?” with a begging expression emoji.

Another Twitter user praised the idea, stating, “We need this.” According to the plot of the last season of “Money Heist,” the gang has been imprisoned at the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours. They have managed to save Lisbon, played by Itziar Ituno, but their darkest hour has arrived after they have lost one of their own.

The popular Spanish series’ fifth and final season will be split into two sections of five episodes each. While the first five episodes will be available on September 3, the remaining episodes will be available three months later on December 3.

“Money Heist” is one of Netflix’s most successful local series to go worldwide.


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