James Gunn reveals his engagement to Jennifer Holland

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Saisaranyya Menon
Saisaranyya Menon
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In the sweetest manner conceivable, director James Gunn revealed his engagement to Peacemaker star Jennifer Holland on Instagram. In a snapshot released by the director, Holland held a cup and flashed her large engagement ring, which she captioned with a heart emoji. Gunn has received messages of congratulations from his peers in the industry.

The director, most known for his work on the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, shared a shot of Holland sipping from a mug and flashing a diamond ring on her left ring finger on Instagram.

Holland has been dating the creator of Brightburn and Slither since 2015. The filmmaker and the actress Jennifer Holland announced their engagement on Instagram with a photo of herself and Gunn with a rainbow behind them and the word “Happiness” written on it.

Many people congratulated Gunn on his post, including some who had worked with him. Viola Davis congratulated Gunn in a comment she left for him, writing, Aaaaa.. Congratulations!!!!!” “YOU GUYS!” wrote Wil Wheaton in response to the momentous news.

James and Jennifer have a professional relationship as well as a personal one. Holland has been alongside John Cena in numerous of Gunn’s films, including The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, in which she played Emilia Harcourt.

Fans showered the director with praise, saying things like, “Well, this simply makes me smile.” “Have a fantastic weekend guys,” “one of the coolest couples ever,” and “power couple” are among the many phrases used to describe the duo. “Awe,” wrote Lesley-Ann Brandt, a member of the entertainment industry, congratulations on your success, you two.”

Jennifer uploaded a photo of Gunn and their dog on Valentine’s Day, along with a heartfelt comment that read, “When my mother was nearing the end of her life, one of the things that weighed the heaviest on her was the fear that I might not be loved as fully as she thought that I deserved.” I only wish she had known that I would meet you, James, one day. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing person I’ve ever met and the nicest kind of partner a mother could wish for her daughter to meet.

Gunn previously married Jenna Fischer of The Office in 2000, but the couple divorced in 2008. Holland previously discussed her friendship with the director and revealed how it all began, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I told him the entire tale of my life. We spent around seven hours together, and that was the end of it. That’s how it all began.”

Jenna Fischer and James Gunn, the filmmaker of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” were previously married, but they couldn’t live happily ever after like many other Hollywood couples.

While facts about their relationship are scant, it’s been alleged that the ex-couple met through James’ brother, Sean Gunn, who also plays Kraglin in the “Guardian of the Galaxy” franchise.

Jenna and Sean met years before becoming famous actresses since they grew up together and attended Jenna’s mother’s acting class.

Jenna Fischer’s marriage to James Gunn ended in divorce. The former couple announced their split in a statement made in September 2007. In 2008, they divorced.

The ex-couple acknowledged that their “enthusiasm” for each other’s lives, spirits, and careers was genuine and that they would continue to be their supporters and friends.

Jenna is married to Lee Kirk, a screenwriter, and their love story is fascinating. Jenna presented him with a film idea in 2008, and they met for the first time.

Kirk is a screenwriter and director from the United States. He’s only worked on a few projects as a writer and director. Kirk authored the films -Ordinary World, The Giant Mechanical Man, Pants on fire, Sad Happy Sucker, a 2009 play that was staged in Los Angeles, and an episode of The Office. Fischer and Kirk first met at a film festival, where they were partnered together to collaborate on a short film.

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski made headlines last year when a fan asked if her wedding ring was the same one that Jim Halpert, John’s character on “The Office,” handed her character, Pam Beesly. Of course, she declined. The office fans went berserk.


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