Kylie Jenner faces backfire for her new swimwear line “They are the most unpractical swimsuits you could buy”

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Faaiza khan
Faaiza khan
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Kylie Jenner, recently, launched her new swimwear line ‘Kylie swims’. The beauty mogul and the founder of Kylie cosmetics, is facing a terrible backlash from the audience because of the poor quality of swimwear. One of the Tik Toker reviewed the swimwear as, “They are the most unpractical swimsuits you could buy”.

Kylie launched her swimwear line on September 17 and the reviews that came pouring in are indeed terrible. People who purchased the swimwear from her brand are not satisfied with the quality and pricing of the product. Netizens are trolling the social media star for duping people with their money. 

Among the collection from her swimwear are Kylie Jenner’s cutout one-pieces ($80) and classic triangle bikinis ($40) as well as matching sarongs ($45). Since its release, negative reviews about the swimwear have been coming up across TikTok, most of which concern the material quality of Jenner’s new line. The swimwear is being remarked as ‘cheap’, ‘see through’, and ‘unwearable’. A TikToker with the username @briannaxrenee uploaded a video of herself unboxing the Caicos bathing suit on Wednesday. The video has received over 15 million views. In the video, she films close-ups of the seams, which appear to show uneven stitchwork and tears. At one point, she holds up the bottom part of the swimsuit to the light to show the lack of a lining in the clothing. TikToker Jessica Anderson also posted a two-part video reviewing the neon-yellow swimsuit in Kylie Jenner’s line called August. Anderson, who says she is a swimwear designer in her first video about Jenner’s new line, starts off by praising the cut of the design for being “very unique and cool” before adding that if she “moves an inch” there won’t be sufficient coverage.  

“I’m confused how I wear this in public confidently where everyone can see every square inch of my body,” Jessica Anderson says. 

“I’m completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see-through,” she adds. “The fact that no one caught that this is completely see-through blows my mind. I’m sure they did because they had to Photoshop some of their photos to make this work.”

She then says: “For me, it comes down to lack of integrity as a business owner and an entrepreneur. When you put something out, you want people who are spending their hard-earned money on it to be a good high-quality product.”

Laura Lee, who goes by @laura88lee on TikTok, bought the sunset-coloured Cut It Out swimsuit. She says the accompanying sarong is “pretty nice,” she adds that she would need it to help cover up because “the whole swimsuit is see-through.” “One sudden move, everything is going to be out,” she says. “I won’t be wearing this anywhere. It looks cute on, but it’s not practical.” 

Kylie Jenner has yet not spoken up about the issue and trolls that she has been receiving since the launch. She launched the swimwear line a week before launching her new brand, ‘Kylie baby’. The line is described as baby-care products that are “safe, gentle, clean, and conscious.”


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