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Netflix N-Plus to rival Amazon Prime Video X-Ray feature

Online streaming giant Netflix is expected to unveil its new N-Plus subscription, which is speculated by Over-the-Top (OTT) platform analysts to be a direct response to its competitor Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature.

Netflix N-Plus is being touted to enable users to get exclusive content based on the individual user preference and is reported to allow subscribers access to behind-the-scenes content, podcasts, trivia among other such auxiliary material comparable to X-Ray. Netflix has been seen carrying out surveys to better cater to subscriber interests ahead of the official product launch, however has not yet officially announced its launch date.

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What is X-Ray?

Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature is an exclusive feature on the OTT platform which displays bonus material about a show or movie, similar to erstwhile DVD bonus features. The feature allows the user access to information about the actors in a scene, the musical soundtrack, trivia, among other features. This was a feature missing in Netflix, which led to an asymmetry in product features between the two OTT giants.

Netflix N-Plus to rival Amazon Prime Video X-Ray feature
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