Nisha Rawal purposely shut down the CCTV cameras says Karan Mehra

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Arrested earlier this week over alleged domestic violence against his wife Nisha Rawal, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra is now denying the domestic violence allegations made by his wife, alleging that his wife purposely shut down the CCTV cameras installed in their home and injured herself after she abused and spat on him.

In one of the most shocking news from the entertainment world, Karan Mehta’s wife Nisha Rawal had filed a complaint after an alleged brawl at home that led to a head injury. While Karan Mehra claimed that his wife banged her head on the wall in multiple statements to the media, she stated he has been abusive.

Denying the allegations, Karan Mehra told ANI, “Nisha has been lying. I have never tried to harm her in any way. Speaking of the domestic violence incident, it is a big lie. In fact, she barged into my bedroom while I was talking to my mother over the phone. All of a sudden she started abusing me and my family. She even spat on me. When I told her not to spit, she said, ‘ab dekho kya hota’ ( now see what happens), and the very next second she banged her head on a wall.”

“She came out of the room and told her brother, Rohit, that I hit her. Seeing blood on Nisha’s face, Rohit became angry and slapped me,” Karan further revealed during the conversation.

Adding to it, he said, “I tried to stop Rohit from hitting me. I started defending myself. I asked him to watch the footage of the cameras which are installed at our home. When I checked the cameras, they were already turned off. Nisha and her brother then immediately started recording all the videos of the injury she got after banging her own head on the wall”

Fans are shocked at the troubled relationship of the two famous celebs who had married in the year 2012. Karan said that it’s been nearly three years since the trouble in their relationship began and they also decided to divorce in March 2021.

“We were going through a bad relationship. We were not happy living with each other so we decided to mutually separate from each other. I also thought it’s better for our son that nothing is more important than peace. But the alimony that she asked for was quite high and I disagreed to pay that heavy amount to her. All this led to heated arguments and continuous fights,” Karan said.

Adding to it, he also said that he doesn’t feel his son is safe. “I feel my son is not safe with Nisha anymore. Earlier I happily decided to let Kavish live with Nisha, but now I really don’t know. I don’t want my child to get affected. I am really worried about him. It’s heartbreaking to see whatever is happening,” Karan said.


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