Pentagon to declassify some UFO sightings, says former spook John Ratcliffe

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The Pentagon will release new intelligence reports in June with the results of Unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings. This was stated by former US intelligence chief John Ratcliffe as per Live Science. In particular, data on UFOs that overcame the sound barrier without creating a sound impact will be published. Ratcliffe acknowledged that such observations were “difficult to explain.” As per the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2021, the report has to be declassified.

“Frankly, there are many more observations than have been made public before. Some of them are declassified. And when we talk about observations, we are talking about objects that have been spotted by Navy or Air Force pilots or detected by satellite imagery, ”said the former head of US intelligence.

As per Ratcliffe, when an unknown aerial phenomenon is identified, analysts try to explain it by a potential weather change or other natural phenomenon. “But there are times when we don’t have a normal explanation for some of the things we’ve seen,” he says.

According to the former official, the future report of the Pentagon will include more results of observations and reports of objects moving in a seemingly impossible way, or a violation of the speed of sound without a concomitant sound shock.

Last year, the Pentagon had released three short videos of UFOs taken with an infrared camera. The videos were declassified to convince the public that the footage, which was first released in 2007, is genuine.

On August 2020, the US Department of Defense officially confirmed the information about the creation of a special working group to study unidentified flying objects, Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.


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