Phaltan Lonand Pune DEMU train from 31 March

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The Central Railways have announced the introduction of  diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU) trains between Phaltan and Pune via Lonand starting from 31 March. The Phaltan Lonand Pune DEMU train will connect the interior region to Pune and will help the general population, the agriculturists, students and workers. Phaltan is a town, a taluka and a municipal council in Satara district in Maharashtra. The town is about 59 Km northeast of the city of Satara and around 110 km from Pune.

It is an agriculture as well as industry-based area. Sugar cane, pomegranate, capsicum, okra, etc. are cultivated here. The area has two well known sugar factories. There are other companies situated in the area near Phaltan. Owing to the above produce and companies, there is much movement of commercial traders/aggregators from Phaltan to Pune and other cities. Railways, being the cheapest mode of transport and the direct connectivity between Pune to Phaltan via Lonand will be a boon to their aspirations. Currently, Phaltan has a railway station at chaudhariwadi which is 4km away from Phaltan central. The another closest railway station is Lonand which is about 29 Kms.

The residents of Phaltan who are working in various private and government sectors, pursuing education in Pune will get direct passenger train connectivity from Phaltan to Pune & back.

Phaltan is of historical importance an has tourism potential. The ancient name of the place is Phalapattan derived from the name of Saint Phalapattan Rishi. As pa part of Dandakaranya, the place was visited by Ram, Sita and Laxhman during their vanvas. Sri Ram Temple is an important temple here as Shri Ram is the local deity. The Mahanubhava, also known as Jai Krishni Pantha, identifies this place as South Kashi.  This is an important center for Mahanubhav (Jaykrishni) Sampraday. The Rajale village in Phaltan is the home to the ancient temple of goddess Janai.  Shri Ram Rathostav annual fair is celebrated by the place in November – December. The place also holds a mosque called Badshahi Masjid and has a lot of Jain Temples.

The place of interest for the tourist include the Nakshatra park, Goddess Maljai Temple, Saibaba Temple, Nimblakar (named after the Hindu ruler Naik Nimbaji Nimbalkar), Nimblak Naka, water fall at Dhumalwadi, Gondavalekar Maharaj Temple, Gondavale Temple, Jabareshwar Temple, and forts including Wadgaum Nimbalkar, Santoshgad, Varugad, Mahimangad and Vardhangad.


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