Pirates of the Caribbean rumours are fake; Netflix is ​​now ready to fork out for the Johnny Depp’s project

The victory in the trial of Amber Heard had a positive impact on the reputation of the artist.

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For the sake of his reputation, it was worth starting a shameful legal showdown with his ex-wife. Johnny Depp, who won the trial against Amber Heard and partially protected his reputation, is returning to work again.

If after the accusations of the fatal blonde, greedy Hollywood producers, who, in the pursuit of profit, rely only on public opinion, and not common sense, began to strike Johnny Depp out of projects (“Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Fantastic Beasts”), now filmmakers come to their senses. Still, Jack Sparrow, having sunk, as it seemed, to the very bottom, pushed off, emerged and again defeated everyone.

Nobly not demanding millions lost in court by Heard, Depp returns to work and even rapidly loses weight. Insiders in the U.S. attribute this to the fact that Johnny is smoothly returning to his former position and can now talk to the producers, crossing his legs.

So, preparations are underway in Europe for filming the historical drama ‘The Favorite’, in which the broken but undefeated actor got the main role – the French ruler Louis XV. This will be the first project after the trial and the first big role in the last two years.

Maiwenn Le Besco, who previously worked on the film “My King”, is co-starring in the movie. She plays the role of Jeanne du Barry, the mistress of Louis XV, in the film. The project will start filming very soon and will be Depp’s first film in French.

Sensing that interest in Depp has not only returned but will continue to grow, American producers again “believed” in the artist and came running with investments. The Netflix platform stepped up and agreed that The Favorite would be released 15 months after the premiere in cinemas in 2023. How much the rights cost is not reported.

According to DailyMail, Johnny received $ 20 million, a part of the fee for the work in advance.

But all the talk about Depp’s return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is fake. At least, both the actor’s agent and Johnny himself say so: “It’s a fiction.”


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