President’s Standard to be awarded to Indian Navy’s Killer Squadron

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Vaibhav Agrawal
Vaibhav Agrawal
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According to official sources, it has been decided that the President’s Standard shall be awarded to the Indian Navy’s ‘Killer’ squadron’ that had carried out Operation Trident where a decisive blow to the Pakistan Navy was given by the force and then destroying the Karachi harbour during the 1971 war. Marking 50 years of the successful operation, the President’s Standard shall be given on 8th December. 

As said by the Defence Ministry, also known as the Killer Squadron, the 22nd Missile Vessel Squadron shall be awarded the President’s Standard by the President of India at a ceremonial parade to be held at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.

The Indian Navy also said that the battle-ready Missile Vessel Squadron has participated in Operation Parakram, Operation Vijay while being the tip of the Sword Arm of the Indian Navy and not leaving behind the most recent participation during the heightened security state following the Pulwama attack deployed within striking distance of Pakistan coast while the squadron has always been in the thick of action even in modern times.

Into the Time travel

The 22nd missile vessel Squadron was formally established at Mumbai back in October 1991 along with ten Veer class and three Prabal class missile boats and the origin of the killer Squadron Travels back to 1969.

When a devastating offensive was launched on the Pakistan Navy on the night of December 4 and 5 in 1971, the youngest Warriors of a young Indian Navy Drew First Blood while the Pakistan Navy ships Khyber and Muhafiz were sunk by the Indian Navy ships Nipat, Nirghat and Veer by firing there Styx missiles. That said, this resulted in delivering a deadly blow to the aspirations of the Pakistan Navy along with crippling them for years to come, as said by the Ministry of Defence.

Four Styx missiles were launched by the INS Vinash accompanied by two frigates during another attack which was carried out after the first strike on December 4-5 sinking the Pakistan Naval fleet tanker Dacca and causing substantial damage to the Keamari oil storage facility at Karachi, this operation was carried out on the night of December 8-9.

The Ministry of Defence further added that no damages were reported by the Indian Forces as a deed of the ship and the men of Squadron that earned the title of ‘Killers’. This is the backstory which was coined on 4th December as the Navy Day which is well celebrated every year by the Indian Navy.

Talking about modern naval history, the operation codenamed Trident is considered as one of the most successful offences with no casualties being sustained by the Indian forces.

The President’s Standard

In recognition of the service rendered to the nation, the President’s Standard is the highest honour bestowed by the Supreme Commander to a military unit. Earlier, the President’s Colours was awarded to the Indian Navy on 27 May 1951 while the President’s Standard is the same honour as the President’s Colours, awarded to a relatively smaller military formation or unit, as per official sources.

A year to be noted

Across the country, the victory of India over Pakistan in the 1971 war is being celebrated as Swarnim Vijay Varsh while this year marks the 50th anniversary of the same. On the other hand, The year also marks fifty years since the inception of the ‘Killers’ who are responsible to maintain the capability of delivering a credible offensive punch from the sea.

Apart from the above felicitation, Other battle honours including eight Nausena Medals (Gallantry), seven Vir Chakras and a Maha Vir Chakra have also been received by the squadron which is testimony to the gallant spirit of the Killers.

According to one of the statements the 22nd missile vessel Squadron is the Indian Navy’s assurance to the nation against any misadventure by the adversaries as these Lethal ships are reported to be capable of stealthy strikes and high speeds, manned by the youngest and most motivated crew along with being fitted with the state-of-the-art weapons and sensors.


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