Prime Minister Modi virtually abdicated responsibility says Left Front

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India now holds the dubious distinction of being the No 2 COVID-19 affected country with 4.75M cases, one of the worlds worst economic performers and the only country in recent years to lose its territory to another country (China). The Left Front has attacked Prime Minister Modi for “virtually abdicating his responsibility.”

“The Central Government and Prime Minister Modi have virtually abdicated their responsibilities and left the people to fend for themselves,” says the Left Front release.

The Front has demanded expansion of health system similar to LDF Government in Kerala. “In contrast, the LDF government in Kerala is providing free treatment to all Covid patients right from testing to hospitalisation and treatment. Consequently, only 2 per cent of the patients are utilising private hospital facilities. The charges for the private hospitals have also been fixed by the state government,” says the release.

On the economic front, the Left Front says the devastation of the Indian economy that began well before the pandemic struck beginning with the demonetisation and GST implementation has worsened to the extent that amongst all major economies of the world, India has registered the worst fall in GDP growth for the quarter April-June 2020 of minus (-)23.9 per cent.

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The global rating firms Goldman Sachs and Fitch estimated real GDP growth to contract 14.8 per cent and 10.5 per cent, respectively, in FY21, economists at State Bank of India (SBI) projected negative growth of 10.9 per cent.  

“The unemployment is galloping with even salaried jobs being lost
to the tune of 21 million. On top of this has come the backbreaking rise in prices particularly of essential commodities, like food, vegetables, dairy products and fuel,” says the release.

Left has demanded that the Modi Government should immediately cash transfer of Rs. 7,500 per month for the next six months to all families outside the income tax bracket, immediate distribution of free foodgrains of 10 kg per individual per month for the next six months for all the needy, expand MGNREGA to ensure at least 200 days of work a year with
enhanced wages,  Promulgate an Urban Employment Guarantee Act. and announce unemployment allowance to all the unemployed.

“The LDF government in Kerala is providing free food to 78
lakh people in the state and social security pension per month to 58 lakh
people,” says the release.

Left Front has decided to observe a national level protest programme from September 17 to 22, 2020 when the parliament is in session.


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