Princess Iman of Jordan got engaged to a simple financier from New York

The 26-year-old daughter of Queen Rania decided to connect her life with a commoner and move to live in the United States.

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Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan is getting married: the daughter of Queen Rania bint Abdullah said yes to a simple financier from New York, Jamil Alexander Thermiotis.

The trend of marrying commoners and moving to the United States, which was set by the grandson of Elizabeth II – Prince Harry, continues to flourish in other kingdoms. Yesterday, July 6, the Royal Palace of Jordan announced the engagement of its princess. 26-year-old Iman bint Abdullah got engaged to a financier from New York.

The mother of the princess, Queen Rania, published an official picture of the bride and groom, in which the happy Jamil and Iman pose in an embrace. For the grinding photo shoot, the princess chose a symbolic white dress and demonstrated a luxurious platinum diamond ring.

It also became known that the girl decided to move to her beloved in the United States. However, this decision is unlikely to radically change Iman’s life. The princess received a diploma from the University of Washington and flew home only on vacation.


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