Protesters hurl stones along the campaign route of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

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Ketan Barot
Ketan Barot
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According to the BBC, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was struck by gravel during a campaign trip. According to the report, angry protestors hurled stones at him as he returned to his bus after touring a brewery. There were no injuries reported.

After calling a sudden election in mid-August in the hopes of securing a majority government for his left-of-centre Liberal party, Canada will go to the polls.

His effort has also been thwarted in the past. Protests have been placing in opposition to his COVID-19 vaccination requirements and other restrictions.

Last week, the prime minister was forced to cancel an electoral rally when a mob of enraged protestors ambushed it.

After the incident in London, Ontario, Trudeau told media on his campaign jet that he may have been hit on the shoulder and compared the situation to when a lady threw pumpkin seeds at him in 2016.

According to a correspondent from Canada’s CTV National News, two individuals on a media bus were also struck.

Erin O’Toole, the leader of the opposition Conservative Party, called the event “disgusting” and said political violence was never justifiable. He tweeted, “Media must be free of intimidation, abuse, and violence.”

COVID vaccination is now required for all public workers, and it has become a major campaign topic ahead of the September 20 election.

Last month, the government stated that all workers in federally regulated industries, such as rail, must get vaccinated by the end of October or risk losing their jobs.

Vaccination is also required for anyone planning to travel by air, cruise, or interprovincial train.

Canada has one of the highest COVID immunization rates in the world. According to The New York Times, 68% of all Canadians are entirely vaccinated, with 75% getting at least one shot.

COVID-19 has been confirmed in 1,511,212 people in Canada, with 27,006 fatalities.


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