Rihanna made her first public appearance since the birth of her son

The newly minted mother decided to take a break from her new duties and came off at a music festival.

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Singer Rihanna spent time at a concert in London: the first appearance of the star in public after the baby’s birth was captured by the paparazzi.

After several months of a logical lull since the birth of Rihanna’s first child, the singer decided to give herself a fun weekend. Fans and paparazzi noticed the singer at a music festival in London, where the star flew to support her rapper fiancé A$AP Rocky.

The star didn’t shock fans with her “plain looks” (which she became addicted to during her pregnancy) and went out on a lie in an oversized Prada feather down jacket.

Fans admired how Rea combined everything at once: raise her son, support her lover and have a good time.


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