RSK MiG working on a 5th Generation Carrier based fighter VTOL aircraft

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The Russian Aircraft Corporation (RSK) MiG has begun development of a fifth-generation carrier-based fighter, which will be made using stealth technology, and plans to create a prototype aircraft in the next few years, a source in the military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti.

“The company is working on a promising 5th generation carrier-based fighter, which will be made using stealth technologies. Now the stage of computer modeling is underway, the first prototypes of the machine are planned to be released in the next few years,” the source said.

He added that “within the framework of the project, the possibility of creating a version of the fighter with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) is also being considered.” It is expected that the aircraft will be made in the dimensions of the MiG-35 . RSK MiG has no expereince in creating a VTOL aircraft and the only aircraft with VTOL capabality was the defunct Yakovlev Yak-38. Yak-141 was also an VTOL fighter but was exerimental.

The aircraft, the source said, will be created within the framework of the complex – a carrier-based aircraft plus an unmanned aerial vehicle weighing more than 10 tons, which will be made according to the “flying wing” aerodynamic scheme.

“The device should be used in conjunction with a fighter in the framework of the concept of ‘Loyal Wingman’. Its functions are either refueling or joint strikes,” the source added. The interlocutor clarified that the device will also use the developments on the Mikoyan Skat UCAV.

At the MAKS-2021 air show, the MiG company displayed a multifunctional carrier-based aircraft complex in the form of large-scale models. Including a scale model of the 5th generation carrier-based fighter was shown. According to the layout, the aircraft will be twin-engine with reduced radar signature. The aircraft will be made according to the aerodynamic configuration ‘Canard’.  A mock-up of a UAV from the complex was also shown. A characteristic feature is the tail unit in the form of an inverted “V”.


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