Ruby Rose says she left “Batwoman” because she was abused on the set

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Australian actress Ruby Rose said on Wednesday that her abrupt exit as the protagonist of the series “Batwoman” was because, during filming, she experienced situations of abuse and mistreatment that made it impossible for her to continue playing the role.

“To my dear fans, stop wondering if I will return to that horrible series. I would not return for any amount of money even if they pointed a gun at my head,” explained the lesbian actress in a series of posts shared on her Instagram profile this Wednesday.

But Warner Bros. Television, the studio behind the CW series, bluntly dismissed Rose’s scorching account as “revisionist history.” The studio added, “The truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its option to engage Ruby for season two of Batwoman based on multiple complaints about workplace behaviour that were extensively reviewed and handled privately out of respect for all concerned.”

33-year-old actress Javisha Leslie is playing Batwoman (Eli from the dramedy “God Frend Me”), who is also a lesbian and is black.

In an interview with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2018, Rose had shared her enthusiasm for playing Batwoman. Rose wowed the audience by revealing how much she resembles Batwoman. When she was a child, one of her favourite toys was bat wings, which she made from cardboard boxes – because she didn’t grow up with a lot of money – and she said her mom had to catch her jumps all the time from random things while she was wearing them. Rose’s mom also kept bats, so she grew up in her own cave.

“[My mom] has a little Batman tattoo [she got] when she was in her 20s because she had bats. Very normal,” said Rosa. “She brought these little pet bats back to life, but they couldn’t go anywhere because they were tamed. So they just lived in the house and shit everywhere.”

Now Rose is moving from living with bats to being one as Batwoman of the CW. I’m glad to hear that she started practising as a child.


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