Russia finished design and documentation for Sirius drone

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Krinshtadt has completed the development of documentation for a new reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Sirius , CEO of the company Sergei Bogatikov said in an interview with RIA Novosti on the eve of the Army-2021 forum.

“For the Sirius drone, the full release of all working and design documentation has been completed. Preparations for production are underway,” Bogatikov said.

The Director General noted that Sirius is unified with the Orion UAV in terms of ground control complex, on-board equipment, power plant and propeller.

“The main difference is that Sirius was built as a heavier version of Orion with satellite control and with the ability to interact with manned aircraft, that is, it was originally provided for the installation of OSNOD equipment (integrated communication, data exchange and identification systems),”  he said.

The director general added that Sirius has more transport capabilities – it is equipped with two engines, has a greater range and a greater combat load.

The Sirius UAV belongs to the class of medium-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles with a long flight duration. The UAV will receive a take-off weight of up to 2 tons, its wingspan will be up to 23 meters, the flight duration should be up to 20 hours. The maximum flight altitude of the drone is declared at 7 thousand meters, the cruising speed of the device will be 180 kilometers per hour.


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