Russia to test Klavesin-2R-PM underwater drone meant to monitor nuclear-powered Poseidon torpedo

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Russia is planning to test Klavesin-2R-PM Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) in shallow depths with limited visibility. Klavesin-2R-PM is a critical component for monitoring the operations of the Russian nuclear-powered Poseidon torpedo dubbed underwater ICBM.

The drone is already undergoing tests in the Russian Far East and is deployed from the Marshal Gelovani research vessel. The AUV underwent modification after its tests in Crimea. Other than military use, the drone can be used to study the underwater environment, and in the future, it may carry out maintenance tasks.

Klavesin-2R-PM belongs to the second generation of the family of Russian autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUV). It is larger than its predecessor, the Klavesin -1. If the latter looks like a torpedo in appearance and dimensions, then the new development looks like a miniature submarine about 7 m long and about 1 m in diameter with a small superstructure on top.

Designed by Rubin Central Design Bureau of Marine Technology, the existence of the drone was made public in the 2-15 annual report of the agency. Other systems mentioned in the 2015 report were the Yunona AUV and Vityaz AUV meant for operating 1000 m and 11000m underwater, respectively.

The weight of Klavesin-2R-PM is about 4 tons. The device can submerge to a depth of 6 thousand meters. After separation from the carrier, it begins to work according to the program, but the operator can assign it new tasks if necessary. The estimated range is 50 km. Klavesin-2R-PM can carry a large set of equipment: sonars, electromagnetic sensors, video cameras.

TASS had reported that two units were being built in St Petersberg in 2016.

As per open-source photographs of the Poseidon carrier – the nuclear submarine Belgorod – one can see the hangar for this drone.


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