Russian Igla-S MANPADS defeat Chinese QW-2 Vanguard in a competition

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At the “Clear Sky” competition in China, a Russian anti-aircraft officer was the only one to hit a Chinese TY-300D target missile with a direct hit.

In the live shooting competition, a TY-300D target missile imitating a high-speed air target at an altitude of 1.5 thousand meters was shot down by an Igla-S MANPADS.

The competition saw participation from six countries: Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and China. The Russian team competed in a Typhoon-Air Defense vehicle and used Igla-S portable anti-aircraft missile systems, Kord 12.7mm machine guns and AK-12 assault rifles.

The Chinese side provided other competitors with weapons, particularly the Type-95-1 submachine gun, the QW-2 Vanguard portable anti-aircraft missile system, the 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun, and Type-92A armoured personnel carrier.

As part of the competition program, the anti-aircraft gunners will have another stage, which will take place on September 1 (the “Combined” race).

This year in China, at the Korla Land Forces training ground, three competitions of the International Army Games are being held: “Clear Sky”, in which military personnel of air defense units compete, “Suvorov Onslaught” – a competition of infantry fighting vehicles’ crews and which involves the subdivisions of radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance and “Marine landing.”

On August 28, Russian marines won the international competition “Marine landing” in the framework of the international army games “ARMY-2021”. On August 24, in the Marine Landing Competition, the Russians set a record for the time it takes to pass a route with obstacles on armoured personnel carriers BTR-82A. The participants overcame 9 km with obstacles, and in some places, they fired.


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