Russian Navy builds its newest corvette of the project 20386 Mercury

The newest corvette of the project 20386 Mercury will be the first of the Russian ships built entirely according to the “stealth” concept. Previously, the Russian ships used certain elements of “stealth” technologies, including a radio-absorbing coating, but the concept of an unobtrusive ship has not yet been fully implemented. The corvette’s hull is fully completed, and the ship superstructure is currently being built.

“Corvette” Mercury “will be the first ship of the Navy, to receive radio-absorbing coverage over the entire area of the outer surface structure. According to preliminary estimates, a hundred-meter ship will reflect a radio signal like a small boat,” said a shipbuilding representative to RIA Novosti.

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In addition to covering within the framework of the “stealth” concept, the superstructure of the corvette will have a special shape: the number of protruding elements and slots will be minimized on them, and various composite materials and special paints will be used.

Project 20386 corvette “Mercury” is a new generation ship based on project 20385, in which the modular principle of armament and the possibility of operating drones will be implemented. “Mercury” was laid on 28 October 2016 under the name “Daring”. The Russian Navy is scheduled to induct it in 2022.

This corvette will be able to hit enemy surface ships with cruise missiles, search for and destroy submarines, protect ships and ships from airstrikes using an anti-aircraft missile system, and provide artillery support during a landing.

Russian Navy builds its newest corvette of the project 20386 Mercury
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