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How to find deleted photos in a smartphone?

Mobile phones have long been used not only for communication. In modern devices, camera functionality comes to the fore. There are situations when a user accidentally deletes media files, after which a question arises about their recovery.

In such a case, many manufacturers provide unique features.

Photos and videos on the phone can be in three places: on the device itself, in a backup on a computer or in the cloud storage. The cloud is often the most reliable archive storage option. Backing up files to your computer helps keep your data safe even if you lose your device and protects your information from accidental deletion.

smartphone image delete

If important data is still erased, the first step is to look into the trash can. On modern devices, files are stored there for about a month. But even after removal from there, the information within a short period must be restored using special programs. Trash cans in smartphones can be accessed via multiple apps from Android or the Apple marketplace.

Files are not erased immediately; they go into a hidden system view, over which a new program code is subsequently written, or, in other words, new information.

Remote storage developers place great emphasis on the preservation of content. All files go through several directories before disappearing completely. It’s about a hidden system basket, invisible to the user but available upon request to the support service.

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