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Mother’s Recipe spout pack Szechwan chutney

Szechwan chutney has become a common kitchen staple in India. The chutney not only adds a burst of flavours to various dishes but also allows home cooks to experiment with fusion flavours. Mother’s Recipe has recently launched its Desi Szechwan chutney 200gm spout pack at Rs 55.

Szechwan spout packshot
200g Szechwan spout packshot

This chutney is a perfect blend of spices made with chillies, ginger, garlic and onions, which is an absolute delight to your palate. Being adaptable in nature, this could perfectly be paired with samosa, sandwich, Frankie and even momos. Since it is still not safe to dine out, due to the current rise of the COVID cases, this chutney gives an ideal opportunity to experiment with various fusion dishes at home. The chutney is also available in a Rs. 10 Travel, on the go pack. This can be quickly added on noodles or rice for a tasty meal.   

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