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Somali-American Hijabi model Halima Eden returns to the fashion world

Halima Eden

Halima Eden, a Somali-American model has announced her return to the fashion world after a brief exit from the industry. Halima is noted for being the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, where she was a semi-finalist. She announced her return to the fashion world on her Instagram account.

In November 2020, Halima Aden quit the runway and said she would only take on modelling work that allowed her to keep her hijab visible. She has made her comeback with two major brand partnerships; Modanisa and Vitacoco. Modanisa is an Istanbul based modest fashion giant. Halima has signed an exclusive two-year contract with the brand. Modanisa sells modest fashion online and dispatches orders to over 140 countries, including the EU. Halima seems to be very excited to join the brand as the brand ambassador apart from this, She will also design two collections for Modanisa.

Halima shared the good news on her Instagram account, she shared a post and wrote,  After a much-needed break, I’m coming back in full force with @vitacoco !! I’m choosing to only work with brands that I really love and believe in. I’m so excited to resume my role as Chief Coconut Officer and celebrate World Coconut Day with you all! While I can’t go to the Philippines, this day is all about celebrating all the good coconuts bring us, and the people that cultivate them. Check out my stories to learn more about the Vita Coco Project and how you can get involved today by getting your hands on a limited-edition collection by fellow Vita Coco #realpartner @bretmanrock that celebrates all the places where coconuts come from, with all proceeds going to farmers in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. We have so much fun things in store this year so make sure to follow @vitacoco and me for the latest #VitaCocoPartner.
Halima seems very excited about her new venture.



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