Sweden Gives Green Light –  NATO Chief’s Bombshell Call – Let Ukraine Strike Russia

NATO chief sparks debate by suggesting allowing Ukraine to strike Russian targets with Western-supplied weapons, exposing divisions among allies over escalating the conflict.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has sparked debate by inviting Western countries to consider removing the ban that prevents Ukraine from striking military targets in Russia with weapons provided by partners in the war against Moscow. The words of the Alliance’s leader have triggered a chain reaction, revealing differing positions among the countries supporting Kyiv.

Stoltenberg has specifically addressed the United States, which provided Kyiv with long-range ATACMS missiles in early April. These missiles can hit targets 300 km away, allowing them to target the locations from which Russian forces launch missiles daily. In Washington, the topic is a major discussion point, mainly due to the pressure from Secretary of State Antony Blinken. British Foreign Minister David Cameron stated during a recent visit to Kyiv that it is up to Ukraine to decide whether to use British weapons against positions in Russia.

Sweden OK with Strikes

Some allies choose a cautious approach, while others, like Sweden, do not dismiss the idea outright. 

Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson stated that Ukraine has the right to self-defense through military actions directed against Russian territory, provided that the laws of armed conflict are observed. This statement was made in response to a question from the Swedish publication Hallandsposten about the possibility of Kyiv using weapons supplied by Stockholm to attack Russian territory.

Jonson emphasized that any use of weapons must comply with international laws governing military conflicts. He noted that Ukraine, as a sovereign state, has the right to defend its territorial integrity and security by all available means.

Previously, Sweden had already supplied Ukraine with a significant amount of military equipment, including modern air defense systems and artillery. These deliveries were part of broader Western efforts to support Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia.

Considering this statement, it is possible that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) might start using Swedish artillery to strike Russian border regions.

Zelensky: “We Know Where to Strike”

The topic is particularly relevant given the daily raids Russia conducts against Ukrainian territory, especially in recent days against the Kharkiv region.

“Many leaders, representatives of states and international organizations, as well as civil society leaders, have expressed solidarity with Ukraine and Kharkiv and condemned Russian terrorism. It is important that this condemnation has appropriate consequences” and leads Kyiv to “finally receive a sufficient number of air defense systems to protect Ukraine and our cities. Partners must demonstrate sufficient resolve to support preemptive protection against Russian terrorists. A type of protection that would be provided against any terrorist who would be hit and destroyed before they could begin to destroy life,” says Zelensky.

Ukraine, as confirmed by reports from the armed forces, knows the positions from which missiles are launched. “We can see every point where Russian troops are concentrated. We know all the areas from which Russian missiles are launched and where fighter planes take off. Destroying this terrorist force, saving thousands of lives, and ensuring the war does not expand is an entirely political decision. A decision that must be made,” Zelensky says, seeking to leverage Stoltenberg’s “assist.”

Germany Slows Down

Ukraine would benefit from Taurus missiles, which Germany has refused to provide. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has reiterated his opposition to the use of German weapons by Ukrainian armed forces to strike targets in Russia. “We have agreed on clear rules with Ukraine for the delivery of weapons. Rules that work. At least, that is my theory,” Scholz said at an event in Berlin on the 75th anniversary of the German Constitution. Since Russia invaded Ukraine more than two years ago, Germany has provided Kyiv with long-range artillery pieces, such as the Mars II rocket launcher, which has a range of over 80 kilometers.

Baltic Countries Ready for Action

Rumors widely reported in Ukrainian media state that last week, on the sidelines of an international security conference in Tallinn, representatives of the Baltic countries informed Berlin that Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are ready to send soldiers to Ukraine if the war scenario becomes entirely favorable to Russia.

The Baltic countries, along with Poland, would not wait for a potential Russian advance toward their western borders: “Those who want to limit the war through excessive restrictions actually risk losing control,”Der Spiegel summarizes.


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