Taliban seizes a Mi-24V HIND purchased by India from Belarus for Afghanistan

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The Taliban seized a Mi-24V HIND attack helicopter purchased by India from Belarus for Afghanistan. The aircraft was left by the Afghan Defense and Security Forces at Kunduz Airport.

The Mi-24 with number ‘123’ is a former Belarusian helicopter, and it was transferred to Afghanistan along with Mi-24 with number ‘124’ t in May 2019.

Under an 2018 agreement, Afghanistan received four Mi-24 attack helicopters from India, all of which were purchased in Belarus and were repaired at the local Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant.

Transfer of two more Mi-24 HINDS happened in October 2019 and the numbers were ‘125’ and ‘126’.

The helicopter is without blades and was not evacuated during the withdrawal of the Afghan Defense and Security Forces shows that the helicopter was in poor technical condition, or it needed repairs.

It is speculated the helicopter must have been mothballed for spares before abandoning it. 


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