Taliban warns the US against destabilization of the government, refused to cooperate over ISIS

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The Taliban movement that seized power in Afghanistan warned Washington that any weakening of their government could cause “problems for the people.”

“We told them clearly that no one would benefit from trying to destabilize the government in Afghanistan,” Amir Khan Mottaki, the Taliban-appointed acting foreign minister in the country’s interim government, told the Afghan Bakhtar news agency.

Mottaki said that destabilization “can lead to problems for the people” and stressed that Afghanistan should be helped in the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus.

He made this statement following Saturday’s direct talks with American representatives in the capital of Qatar, Doha, the first since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The American delegation is headed by Deputy Director of the CIA David Cohen, it also includes Deputy Special Representative of the State Department for Afghanistan Tom West and a representative of the United States Agency for International Development.

On the first day, according to the US State Department, the talks focused on the safe exit of Afghanistan for American and other foreign citizens, as well as Afghans at risk. They discussed international requirements for the Taliban regarding forming an inclusive government, respect for the rights of women and minorities, and the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

The Taliban refused to cooperate with the United States to contain ISIS terrorists, as they will cope with them “on their own.”

According to Taliban spokesman Suhaila Shahin, the movement “will not cooperate with Washington in the fight against the branch of IS in Afghanistan.” “We can deal with IS on our own,” he said when asked by the agency if the Taliban would work with the United States to deter terrorists.

Negotiations are scheduled to continue on Sunday.


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