Ukraine’s UCAV ACE-1 may take 3 years to build

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The new Ukrainian UCAV ACE-1, presented at the International Specialized Exhibition “Weapons and Security – 2021” in Kyiv on June 15, is expected to be ready for operation in the next three years, as per  Volodymyr Usov, the co-founder of Air Combat Evolution (ACE), former head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Volodymyr Usov.

“The plan to develop flight tests and a ready-made device that can be sold to potential partners and lifted into the air will take at least three years,” he told local media. The UCAV Ace-1 project is currently in the process of developing technical and design documentation and is currently undergoing the testing of critical systems and components.

The Mid-range stealth drone is designed to fly at 1000 km / h and a payload capacity of about one ton. The MTOW is about 7.5 tons. It can carry air-to-air, air-to-ground missiles to hit both air and ground targets. The UCAV engine is expected to be the АI-322F Turbofan Aero Engine with Afterburner is developed at SE “Ivchenko-Progress” and “Motor Sich.” The engine is already used by the Chinese Hongdu L-15B Combat Trainer. The management system is being developed by  JSC HARTRON. 

The cost of one new Ukrainian military drone ACE ONE is approximately $ 12-13 million and a swarm of 3 drones may cost about 30 Million USD.


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