Unit 2 of Shimane Nuclear Power Plant relaunched in Japan

Japan has approved the relaunch of Chugoku Electric Power Company’s Unit 2 Shimane Nuclear Power Plant.

This means completing the process of obtaining the consent of local communities to restart the 789 MW Boiling Water Reactor. In addition, the country has a clear understanding that if the reactor is not restarted, it will significantly affect the prefecture’s economy.

“Nuclear energy plays a role in Japan’s energy policy. So, a restart is inevitable now, “said Governor Shimane Tatsuya Maruyama.

Currently, in preparation for the restart of the unit, Chugoku has built a 15-meter-high sea wall to protect the plant from the tsunami and is preparing for a possible eruption of the Sanbe volcano. It is planned to complete all works, including seismic reinforcement, by the end of February 2023.

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