US Department of Commerce accuses China of blocking purchases of Boeing by Chinese airlines

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The PRC government prohibits Chinese airlines from buying Boeing aircraft worth “tens of billions of dollars”, for which they should be prosecuted, said US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR).

She accused Beijing of violating its obligations to purchase American goods under the first phase of a 2020 trade agreement with the United States.

“Chinese airlines want to buy planes worth tens of billions of dollars, but the Chinese government is on the way,” Raimondo said, adding that “the Chinese need to play by the rules.”

Speaking at a business forum in March, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun called on the United States to separate trade from political discourse.

“I hope we can separate intellectual property, human rights and other things from trade and continue to encourage free trade between these two economic giants. We cannot afford to be cut off from this market,” he said.

Boeing estimates that by 2040, Chinese airlines will need 8,700 new aircraft worth $ 1.47 trillion.


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