What are Chinese astronauts eating in space?

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Recently, a video of a Chinese astronaut eating at a space station has become a hot topic on the Internet. Many internet users who watched the video said, “I’m hungry.” The video featured aviator of Shenzhou-13 is the first Chinese to celebrate the Chinese New Year in space.

As per AFP, there are over 120 types of space food on the Chinese space station, and the aviators can eat different foods every day of the week. The most popular ones are Kinoa and Mokusei oysters, coconut bread, pickled radish, Gomoku fried rice, stir-fried sardine potatoes, Chinese beef soup, spicy tuna, cream chicken, seasoned sand liver, Yusian loin (fish scented meat, pork), Spicy stir-fry such as shredded meat), Gombaojidin (stir-fried chicken and peanuts), stir-fried black beef with black pepper, spicy stir-fried sheep meat, spicy stir-fried geese with pepper and pepper, spicy stir-fried fermented bamboo shoots, Marvo flavoured dried tofu, etc.

The Chinese astronauts especially like Zha cai, Eusian Roth, and Gomba Ozidin during the flight, which are still popular menus from the time of Shenzhou 5.

The reason is that when flying in space, a human head needs more blood flow than when it is on the ground, and the nasal cavity is also engorged, compared to when it is on the ground, just like when it is stuffy nose. It is said that those with a pungent taste are preferred because the taste becomes insensitive.

During the flight of Shenzhou 13, the aviators will spend the Chinese New Year in space. Chinese people have a habit of eating dumplings at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, so dumplings were also added to the menu. There are three types of bean paste (ingredients): pork, Chinese cabbage, Spanish mackerel, and gold needle vegetables.

Jia Shijin, chief designer of manned spacecraft system of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group in an interview had said, “The main thing is to bring some short shelf life products, food, vegetables and fruits to the astronauts, because if the time in orbit is relatively long, the food with long shelf life may be in the taste needs to be adjusted, so the Shenzhou spacecraft will bring him fresher food with a short shelf life, and will also bring some of his own things that may be personalized to the astronauts. Some food is tailored to female astronauts.” (Translated online)


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