Woman robbed of jewelry worth Rs. 2.12 lakh by thief disguised as Powai cop

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A woman fell victim to a unique kind of theft and lost jewelry worth 2.12 lakh rupees by a thief disguised as a policeman. Reports say that two unidentified men on a motorcycle stopped the woman, distracted her and snatched the jewelry from the woman and got away.  Powai police are conducting further investigations on the basis of CCTV footage.

The woman was out for her work on Wednesday 26th May. The culprits stopped and told the woman that they were policemen. They further added about how blockades and patrols had been stepped up in the Powai area due to the increase in thefts.

They carefully posed as real policemen and when they made the woman believe that they were legit, one of them asked her to remove her jewelry and put it in a bag as a safety measure against snatching. The man then proceeded to have another conversion. Distracted, when the woman removed her jewelry to put them in the bag, the disguised thief snatched the jewelry from her hand and got away.

The woman rushed to the Powai Police station to lodge a complaint the moment she realised that she had been robbed.

“We have obtained CCTV footage of the area and the number plate of the motorcycle used in the crime has been removed. We are searching for the accused on the basis of the vehicle and other information that was found,” a Powai Police official said.

Adding to it, he said, “The lockdown has reduced the congestion of people on the streets so that people who go out for morning walks or work are becoming more comfortable with the gang. Citizens need to be wary of such scams. If any such person is found, they should contact the police immediately”


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