40 years later: ABBA members talk about a new album ‘Voyage’

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Members of the Swedish group ABBA, which existed in 1972-1982, will release a new album, Abba Voyage, consisting of ten songs. The composer and founder of the group Benny Andersson spoke about this in an interview with the Swedish SVT TV channel.

As per the 74-year-old musician, the group released two songs, and then the members decided to release a whole album Voyage. The album will have 10 new songs and two of them, “I Still Have Faith in You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down,” are already streaming. The new album will be released by Universal Music Group’s Capitol label.

“To release an album 40 years later and still be best friends, enjoy each other’s company, and count on complete dedication. Who has experienced this? Nobody, ”the PA agency quoted Ulveus as saying.

It was reported earlier the ABBA group announced a special show on September 3. The team actually broke up in 1982, now its members are from 71 to 76 years old.  Five new songs are expected to be featured soon. These compositions will be the band’s first recordings in 39 years.

The team members include  Bjorn Ulveus , Benny Andersson , Agneta Feltskog and Anni-Fried Lingstad.

Pop group ABBA was formed in 1972. The popularity of the quartet peaked in 1978-1979. The group toured many countries of the world, but in 1983 it ceased to be active.


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