6 times Indian politicians blamed victims of sexual violence

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Sexual violence against women is harrowing as it is without Political leaders having to join in onto the victim blaming bandwagon, however reality is seldom ideal with Indian Politicians often operating without verbal filters, especially during the aftermath of sensitive issues such as rape and molestation. Here are six politicians in India who put the blame on the victim whilst absolving themselves of any responsibility of good governance.

6)  Pramod Sawant, Goa, Chief Minister from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Goa’s CM, Sawant had this to say following the criticism his government faced following the gangrape of two minor girls on 25 July 2021, “When 14-year-olds stay on the beach the whole night, the parents need to introspect. Just because the children don’t listen, we cannot put the blame on the government and police.”    

5) Govind Gaude, Goa’s Arts and Culture Minister, Independent

Commenting on the issue, the state’s arts and culture minister offered a gem of wisdom, “The problem is, if one has to post a policeman for every person, every girl, how many policemen will we require? This is what it is. Government is not running away from responsibility. Government is protecting. Government is there with the people.”

4) Surendra Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly, BJP

Adding on to the victim blaming train was BJP’s MLA Singh, who opined, “I am a teacher along with being an MLA. Such incidents (like rape) can be stopped only with sanskar (culture), not with shasan (good governance) or talwar (referring to sword or might).”

3) Mullapully Ramachandran, Congress

On the other end of the political spectrum, Congress party’s Mr. Ramachandran said, “If someone said it happened once, it is understood, but she says everyone raped her. A woman with self-respect would end her life if raped or will try to prevent it from happening again.”  

2) Ranjeet Bahadur Srivastava, BJP

 Speaking about the Hathras Rape case, BJP leader Bahadur Srivastava said, “The victim must have called the boy to the field because they were having an affair. This news is already out on social media and news channels. She must have got caught after that.”

1)  Ramveer Bhatti, BJP

Sharing his views on the Chandigarh stalking case, “Such cases tend to occur, and the probability is higher for girls being stalked if they are out at odd hours…Girls should not be seen roaming on roads after a certain hour in the evening.”


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