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7 Most popular horror movies from the 1900’s way scarier than modern flicks

Horror Movies

Horror movies have always been the buzz of the city when it comes to cinema. Technology has taken things to a whole new level. But what did horror movies have when there were no special effects? Terrifying visual unfolding with an awesome story line!

Following is the list of 7 such Horror movies from the 1900’s that will make you want to sleep, with the lights on…

(The description of the movies are kept in a way, so as not to give away the plot. No need to worry about SPOILERS)

The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist

Watching a 12 year old (girl) Regan getting possessed by an ancient demon and then the hell that unleashes around her is PETRIFYING! An ancient artifact found in Iraq comes into contact with this young little girl and the demon in that artifact possesses her. After that, what seems like an awesome and horrifying plot of “Psychological Disorder?” or “Demonic Possession?” plays out which will mess with your head real bad. After seeing enough terror, when the priests confirm it to be a possession, as the name of the movie suggests, they call in an Exorcist. One with his faith in Crisis. And what horrors will you see through the exorcision? We leave that to you, but remember… DO NOT WATCH IT ALONE!

Suspiria (1977)


If you have a problem watching blood and twisted deaths, STAY AWAY from this movie. The story revolves around an American Ballet student who arrives in Freiburg, Germany to join her new Ballet Academy, a big mansion-like building with walls coloured in a very distasteful shade of red. Things lead to things as a mysterious force starts to pick girls and kill them is a VERY TWISTED WAY. From being impaled with iron rods and faces being slashed with broken glass, to a death by getting strangled in a pool of razor wires, the visuals will NOT GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD FOR DAYS. Cherry to the top, the movie has a HORRIFYING AUDIO TRACK which will keep ringing in your head, for a long, long time.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project

If you are someone afraid of nights in the woods, this movie will keep you up all night. The Blair witch project is a masterpiece done with very messed up visuals. A group of students with the intention of making a documentary on the fable of the BLAIR WITCH, a woman long ago who kidnapped 7 children, took them to the basement of the house and killed them in couples as one child had to stand in the corner and watch the horror as it happens. The students, despite warnings from the locals, go on to do what they came for and things soon start to go south. Deaths, fights, screams, weird, strange noises, and everything else a horror movie needs, the movie is straight up TERRIFYING!

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger! The name itself is a horror on it’s own. A child killing madman is taken to jail and then bailed on technicality. But the victim’s parents decide for some vigilante justice action and burn him alive. Years later, Freddy returns in the supernatural form that made everyone jump in their seats. A burned disfigured figure with a huge sharp blade glove, lurking in your dreams to harm you. And as expected, his victims can’t sleep because if Freddy gets you in your dream… OH HE GETS YOU FOR GOOD!

The Halloween (1978)

The Halloween

Are you a fan of slashers? Then you sure know the infamous Michael Myers. A 6-year-old boy, to everyone’s surprise kills her elder, babysitting sister on a Halloween night. Taken to a Sanitarium, Michael escapes from a court hearing after 15 years. And what happens when a maniac killer escapes and runs wild in the open? Pray to God that you don’t have to find out! Because Michael finds another young woman who happens to babysit. Putting on an expressionless, white mask, Michael then terrorizes the lady in twisted ways, and we leave the rest for you to watch.

The Shining (1980)

The Shining

Ah yes, a classical family horror. The Shining, based on the novel of the very famous Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. With Psychotic powers, a stressed-out father, and a hotel with a terrible history of a man killing his own family may sound simple but don’t let it trick you. The Movie shows how bad fate can be to innocent people as the movie plays out. Ghosts show up, people go insane, and then the killing starts! The Shining will definitely give you a terrible time sleeping.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

“MASSACRE!” The movie does no injustice to the name of the movie. Leather face is no less than a terrifying man to haunt your thoughts. A group of friends visit an old grave to investigate reports of vandalism and grave robbing, but things mess up before they even reach there as they pick up a hitchhiker on the way. With low fuel, the party stumbles upon a nearby house where terrible fate awaits them. A huge man, with a leather mask and a chainsaw!



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