After body shaming, Loretta Goggi says goodbye to social media: “Enough insults”

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Loretta Goggi, an Italian singer, actress and TV host, said goodbye to social media after the insults received following her performance staged last Friday at the Seat Music Awards. The singer had been invited to the stage of the fifteenth edition of the musical event conducted by Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Maledetta primavera’, one of her songs that made the history of Italian music.

After participating in the ‘Seat Music Awards’, the soubrette could not withstand the violent impact of the many ‘serial haters’ comments circulating on the web. She decided to say goodbye through a long message on Facebook, stating that she had encountered “wickedness, arrogance, indescribable gratuitousness”.

During the participation, she expected everything except to discover, immediately after her performance, that she had undergone what Goggi defines as a real “ body shaming.” Even on her official profile, criticisms, insults and offences on practically everything: from how she was dressed to how she was made up. ”

My dear everyone, absolutely everyone – wrote the singer on Facebook before saying goodbye to social media – even those who follow me on other sites. I would like to be able to thank you one by one for having loved and followed me for 61 years; you know well that I would not still be here without your support and your esteem”.

Giuseppe Cristiano Malgioglio is an Italian composer, singer-songwriter and television personality who spoke in Goggi’s defence, ” Where are those women who become champions of other women? How come they didn’t defend Loretta Goggi … How come none of them instead expressed his closeness and solidarity with Loretta Goggi? Yet it is a much more serious thing, but we see that feminists take the field only when it suits them ”.

Malgioglio, who on Instagram has over 1 million followers wrote, “the ‘keyboard lions’ unfortunately will always be there but my social networks are my family and I don’t care – he underlines – If I read an offense I leave it there and not even the comment ”. Appealing to Goggi, he said,” Reopen your profiles… if you close them you give satisfaction to these haters.” He said he will try to convince her in person.

But the ‘healthy part’ of the web have posted in defence of the historic Italian soubrette and singer. They are indignant towards the ‘haters’ and beg her to reconsider.

Some social media users defended her. “The body-shaming, the insults, the fierce and meaningless criticisms against Loretta Goggi make me disgusted and sad – writes a user – We had to come out better, but we came out even more uncivilized, with no respect for anything or anyone. What a shame ! “. “Your favorite ‘singers’ lip-sync twice out of three, and no one has ever insulted anyone. Now if #LorettaGoggi does after more than 40 years of career, who is 70 years old and hasn’t played concerts for years, that’s not good and Do you have to insult her? But you are not really well “, observed another.

“Did I already mention that Loretta Goggi is a Lady? -Someone sinks- Those who criticize her should rinse their mouths because in Italy, like Loretta, there is none, and perhaps there won’t be any more. A true artist”. “More than fifty years of the career of Italian television. Unfortunately, those behind a keyboard are mostly ignorant and frustrated people who should make peace with themselves”, eloquently wrote another Internet user.


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