Dr Balakrishna Poduval

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Dr Balakrishna Poduval was Former Professor, Homi Bhabha National Institute, Former Head, Immunology & Hyperthermia Section, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. PhD guide at HBNI dnd Mumbai University. He along with his team at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has contributed immensely to original knowledge in the area of Immunology and Critical care medicine which is highly relevant to the current crisis. He also has papers in the area of septic shock and heatstroke. He Can be contacted at [email protected] * Views are personal.

Exclusive articles:

COVID 19 is a Flu Like Illness

Only a handful of COVID positive people among 10000 RT PCR positive have respiratory distress. Is it not confusing for a test which correlates with Respiratory distress among just a handful of people from 10000 RT PCR positive people?


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