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Daily Fasting diet for weight loss work says new research

The study found that participants in both groups reduced calorie intake by about 550 calories each day simply by adhering to the schedule and lost about 3% of their body weight.

Foxes have been Eating Human Leftovers for 42000 Years

While Foxes love leftovers, in the wild, they regularly feed on scraps left behind by larger predators like bears and wolves.

Usha Jadhav begins shooting for a Spanish film La Nueva Normalidad

Usha Jadhav,  the National Film Award winner for Best Actress category at the 60th National Film Awards for her role in the 2012 Marathi...

Is virgin coconut oil weight loss theory really true?

Coconut oil has lately caught the attention of the people around the world for its presumed potential for weight loss. The Coconut Board of...

Khandala – Lonavala railway stretch get solar power

In addition to this, CSMT station building, Kalyan Railway School, Kalyan Railway Hospital, Kurla and Sanpada Car sheds are also fitted with solar panels, with the anticipated generation to be around 18.73 lakh kWh and saving Rs. 1.45 crore in energy bills.


Putin’s North Korea Visit Sparks Concerns in Seoul, Silence from Beijing

The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to North...

Petrodollar Apocalypse? Saudi Arabia Says NO to US Oil Deal – The World is Watching!

The United States of America and Saudi Arabia have...

China’s Nuclear Warheads on High Alert for First Time, India Counters with Arsenal Expansion

Russia conducted two part non-strategic nuclear force exercises in May and...

Details Emerge: Indian T-90 Bhishma Mk III Tank Features Domestic Upgrades

On May 13, 2024, at the Heavy Vehicles Factory...